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Garages FAQ

Who is behind the business?

The Motorists Organisation Ltd (MOG) of 1000 Lakeside, Western Road, Portsmouth. PO6 3EN. A company registered in England under company number 08339147.

How does it work?

It manages your on-line bookings allowing you decide where you want to be seen with your pricing and availability which are all under your control.

How much will it cost me?

There is absolutely no charge for registering on the system and creating your garage profile. Once this is done you will then be available to receive on-line bookings from the consumer facing comparison website. There is a small commission fee when a booking is made and you complete the work.

Do you insist that my garage is inspected?

No, your existing membership of recognised trade bodies, associations or networks serves as the governance to allow customers to see your credentials.

How do I know that no one else will edit my garage details?

Your garage registration undergoes an administration process and you will be issued with unique user credentials to ensure that you are in control of the security of your published information.

How have you pre-populated my details?

All of the details of your garage are already in the public domain either from your own website or from one of the industry trade directories.

When formatting your garage details we have used sample figures for some of the fields, such as oil prices, hourly labour rates etc. which you are then free to edit.

How do I edit my pricing?

You will need to have registered and been approved. At this time you will have the security access to be able to adjust your garage details, including your pricing and lead times.

What happens if I do not get any bookings?

Then you do not have to pay any commissions. This situation could be due to your pricing being uncompetitive, in which case you can make the necessary adjustments to increase the visibility of your garage in the search results.

How do I remove my garage pricing?

If you contact our administration team on either 08720 104116 or email on garages@themog.co.uk they will change your status to ‘opted out’ and your garage profile will no longer be visible on the marketing website.

When do I get the customers details?

You get the customer details when the consumer has made a booking with your garage.

Who confirms the booking with the customer?

The customer is always your customer and you have the responsibility of communicating with them to confirm the booking details.

How do I get bookings when I’m quiet?

You can change where you appear in the search results by modifying your prices or adjusting your lead times. If you are quiet you can reduce lead times so customers who are looking to book a service will see you are available.

Equally by reducing your prices you become more competitive and will feature more prominently in the search results if customers are searching based on price.

What happens if the customer doesn’t turn up?

If you do not complete the booked work then please notify our administration team on either 08720 104116 or by email on garages@themog.co.uk and you will be credited against the cancelled booking. Please note that MOG reserve the right to ask motorists why a cancellation has occurred as we are looking to continually improve the services offered to motorists.